The Last Garage Door Opener You Will Ever Buy

Choosing the best garage door opener to recommend to our customers was no easy task.  The biggest complaint Minden/Gardnerville homeowners have is that openers are simply too loud; so finding the quietest opener on the market was important.  It was also important to find the best performing, most dependable garage door opener. The result?

We proudly recommend the Linear LDCO800 and LiftMaster 8550 Garage Door Openers.

Linear LDCO800: 800 Newton DC Powered Garage Door Operator

Linear LDCO800: 800 Newton DC Powered Garage Door Opener

Lifetime Belt and Motor Warranty        5 Year Parts Warranty        1 year electrical warranty

The premiere garage door opener recommended by Hanson Overhead Garage Door Service of Minden/Gardnerville is the LiftMaster 3280, an energy-efficient, DC-powered operator that runs at an AC-equivalent speed. The superior Linear LDCO800 garage door opener performs soft-start and soft-stop motion for smooth, quiet, long-term reliable performance.

Linear LDCO800: 800 Newton DC Powered Garage Door Operator
Linear LDCO800


  • Superior, eco-friendly design
  • Smooth start and soft stop for ultra-quiet operation
  • Supplies 800 Newtons of lifting force for heavy doors
  • Belt-drive drive operator
  • Intelligent, self-learning, self-adjusting, torque settings
  • 100-watt courtesy light (bulb not included)
  • Built-in MegaCode format receiver
  • Operator includes three-button MCT-3 visor transmitter and deluxe wall station



Liftmaster 3280 and 3850 Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster 8550 Garage Door Opener

Lifetime Motor and Belt Warranty             5 Year Parts Warranty on Liftmaster 8550 Garage Door Opener
*1-year Warranty on Battery Backup Battery

LiftMaster model 8550
LiftMaster 8550 Brochure
Now when the power goes out, your garage door opener will still work! The LiftMaster® 8550 is the only 3/4 HP belt-drive opener Hanson Overhead Garage Door Service installs with a fully-integrated standby power system. The LiftMaster® 8550 also features: Security+2.0® rolling code technology, Protector System and Alert-2-Close warning system, and the patented PosiLock® system. This opener is virtually silent with smooth start and stop to reduce the noise of the garage door as it opens and closes. This model has received the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.